In pursuing this goal, it was necessary to train its workers in order to give the maximum guarantee to customers, not only for the execution of their tasks, but in all those multidisciplinary areas that make up the real "know-how" of a subcontractor company and that are decisive in the choice of:
- the raw materials, based on the technical-applicative characteristics of the product to be made. - the design solutions of the products and equipmen.
- productivity, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the equipment, in relation to the expected type and volume of production.
Our company was founded in 1967 with the aim of designing, making moulds and producing thermoplastic material products.
In 2000, the Company Quality System Certification was achieved in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the injection molding of thermoplastic materials, a result we have relied on in order to offer our customers ever greater reliability.
Today, our experience covers most of the product sectors that use plastic products and we can certainly offer them a valid support which is not limited to the pure execution of the inputs, but involved in finding the optimal solution to meet customers’ needs up to the assumption of total responsibility for the projects and their management as prime contractor.

The manufacturing of the moulds is entirely entrusted to our internal tooling department made up of experienced staff and equipped with modern machine tools. The task of this department is also to guarantee constant maintenance of all the equipment used in production, as well as prompt support in case of need for changes or extraordinary maintenance of the moulds.

The moulding department consists of 22 injection moulding machines, with thrust between 70 and 1200 tons, partly equipped with robots for cycle optimization. These are the latest generation presses, capable of producing items weighing between 0.5 and 11800 gr. Among these, two of them are equipped with double injection unit for co-moulding.

Over the years, we have acquired a particular experience in the moulding of transparent materials such as polycarbonate and polysulfone for food and medical use, loaded and unloaded technopolymers with high mechanical properties, details in double material or color. To complete the service, we carry out internally pad printing on board the machine, hot stamping, integration of inserts and both partial and complete assembly.

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