The moulding department consists of 22 injection moulding machines, with thrust between 70 and 1200 tons.

These are the latest generation presses, capable of producing items weighing between 1 and 12000 gr.
Over the years we have acquired particular experience in the molding of:
– transparent materials such as polycarbonate and polysulfone for both food and medical use.
– filled and unloaded technopolymers with high mechanical characteristics
– details in two-color or two-material double molding

The department is made up of 22 injection presses, with thrust between 70 and 1200 tons. These are latest generation presses, capable of producing items with a weight between 1 and 12000 Gr.

Among these, two are equipped with double injection cylinders, which allows to obtain printed materials composed of two materials or two different colors in a completely automatic way.

There are several applications that we have created with this principle

For example, obtaining parts in rigid material, covered with thermoplastic rubber.

The presses are equipped with all the accessories necessary for an optimization of production, such as manipulators or robots, aspirators, dryers, granulators etc.

To complete the service, we carry out internal pad printing on the machine, hot stamping, insertion of inserts and both partial and complete assembly.


We make molds and produce products in thermoplastic material.

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